For Me

Personal projects and creative expressions posted across the internet to spread joy.

Side Projects

Creativity doesn’t stop when the workday is done. Here are a few playful projects I’ve explored over the years.

Hot Pepper Gaming

Hot Pepper Gaming is a YouTube channel I started in 2013 with my friends Jared and Vernon. We had an extremely fun 4 years together and loved making videos for our almost 300K subscribers.

In addition to our own appearances, popular gaming personalities would come on our show to review a video game immediately after eating a very spicy pepper. We became an unexpected mainstay of the gaming industry, worked with incredible brands/publishers, and met a ton of our idols thanks to what is possibly the strangest, most masochistic project ever. 
We were very lucky to be featured on: BoingBoingLaughingSquidKotakuMashableOnTheMediaScrewAttack, and more.

Here are a handful of my reviews.

Sweet (and Salty) Baking

My mission statement is to spread joy in as many ways as possible and baked goods are a really efficient method to disperse happiness. I bake when I'm happy, I bake when I'm sad, I bake when I'm so angry that the only thing I can do is pipe my rage into colorful swear words on a triple layer cake. 

Doodles & Crafts

Creating is my livelihood but it’s also my favorite lifelong hobby. Below are a few playful diversions inspired by occasions, changing tides, and oddball ideas that I had to make a reality. Despite my digital inclinations, physical art will always have a place in my heart.