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Creative development, writing, and leadership expressed in original video to grow the interests of media companies and my own endeavors.

Original Content

Creating a successful video or series is a perfect, unpredictable storm. But can you research weather trends to occasionally manufacture a little lightning? Absolutely.

Unpacking the research, psychology, and seemingly random dumb magic behind what makes an idea or video share has been the focus of my career (and a handful of my Google Summit presentations) thus far.  Creating things that individuals will like is one thing. Creating something that publishers want to promote is another. Get you a girl who can do both. My work has been featured in:


"How To Speak Dothraki: A 90's Muzzy Parody"

featured in Perez HiltonMashableThe Huffington PostNerdistThe AV ClubCNetLaughing SquidSome ECardsUproxxEliteDailyThe HairpinThe Mary Sue, and Bustle. It Was also highlighted in a few round-ups of the best Game of Thrones parodies prior to the Season 4 premiere.

"Hipsters Love Beer."

featured in MashableThe Huffington PostFood BeastTrend HunterPaste MagazineFine Dining Lovers, and tons of smaller websites that focus on eating, drinking, and the craft beer movement.

"A Pornographic Film By Wes Anderson."

featured in JezebelRefinery 29Indie WireFast CompanyGlamour MagazineThe Huffington PostThe Daily DotCrushableBustle, and many smaller sites. There was also a very enthusiastic Reddit thread that helped propel this video to success.

"GTA for Kids." 

featured in KotakuNeatoramaUproxxNerdy BastardsN4GScrewAttackAgents of GeekComplexMoments of Geekiness and more.


"Cosmos On Weed." 

Starring Erik Griffin, this video was featured in TIMEThe AV ClubExaminerLaughing SquidRaw StoryGeekosystemTopless RobotCrooks and Liars, and more. 

"Dangers of Binge Watching: A PSA."

Often I've been tasked to develop creative around a particular digital star or influencer. The above is an example of this scenario, featuring the immeasurably talented Markiplier. 

I led bi-weekly writers' rooms and wrote over a hundred episodes of a popular YouTube show called "Equals Three" or "=3." During my time on the show, we were the most-viewed show on YouTube and highest-subscribed channel. It was my privilege to work with many incredible guest hosts when the regular host was away, and I loved the opportunity to match the right humor/jokes with the right talent. Below are a few of my favorite episodes: