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For Brands

Sharable, short form content that connects brands to millennials across digital, social platforms.


For Brands: Content Campaigns for Ambitious Clients

I work with brands who aren't afraid to try something new, work really hard, and maybe get a little weird.

Want a too-long, too-passionate conversation about how to remain relevant in a shifting media landscape? Let's talk creative, distribution, strategy, and how to develop campaigns for the way people consume content today. Right now I lead the Creative team at Portal A. Before that I helped build BuzzFeed's monumental branded video native advertising machine.  If you're a brand or a business that likes to work with them, please say hello.


Gerber - "High Chair Confessions" - 7.1 MM Views

Hillary For America - #StrongerTogether - ft. Todrick Hall

Video 3 of a Swing State-focused series featured in Variety.

Amazon Fire TV - "When YOu Find a New Show" - 1mm views

Hyundai - "Are Phones Ruining Relationships?" - 3mm Views

Video 4 of an iterative campaign featured in AdAge.

The Cw, Jane The Virgin - "Signs You're Not Ready To Be A Mom" -

2.2mm Views

Friskies - "Cat Questions' - 1.7mm views

Geico - "Tiny Animals Present: How To Roommate" - 1.6 mm views

Part of a 6 video series.

American Express - "Classy Cat Collars" - 9.6mm views

Part of a 14 video Tasty + Nifty series featured in AdWeek.

Vh1 - "You in the 90's vs. You Today" - 2.9mm views

Chili's - "The Electric Pickle Show" - 1mm Views

My weirdest, stinkiest project ever.