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Sharable, short form content that connects brands to millennials across digital, social platforms.


Not-Boring Content for The Planet's Coolest Brands

I work with brands who aren't afraid to try something new, work really hard, and maybe get a little weird.

Wouldn't it be nice if your target demo wasn't hovering impatiently over the "Skip This Ad" button? Let's talk about the relationship between creative, distribution, and strategy to develop campaigns for the way people consume content today. Right now I lead the Creative team at Portal A. Before that I helped build BuzzFeed's monumental branded video native advertising machine.  If you're a brand or a business that likes to work with them, please say hello.


Gerber - "High Chair Confessions" - 7.1 MM Views

Hillary For America - #StrongerTogether - ft. Todrick Hall

Video 3 of a Swing State-focused series featured in Variety.

Amazon Fire TV - "When YOu Find a New Show" - 1mm views

Hyundai - "Are Phones Ruining Relationships?" - 3mm Views

Video 4 of an iterative campaign featured in AdAge.

The Cw, Jane The Virgin - "Signs You're Not Ready To Be A Mom" -

2.2mm Views

Friskies - "Cat Questions' - 1.7mm views

Geico - "Tiny Animals Present: How To Roommate" - 1.6 mm views

Part of a 6 video series.

American Express - "Classy Cat Collars" - 9.6mm views

Part of a 14 video Tasty + Nifty series featured in AdWeek.

Vh1 - "You in the 90's vs. You Today" - 2.9mm views

Chili's - "The Electric Pickle Show" - 1mm Views

My weirdest, stinkiest project ever.